Tips & Tricks for subletting

Basic rule number 1: keys for cash

Sometimes, especially when things are arranged at the last minute, the rent may still be in the process of an international wire transfer, for example, and arrive in your account only after the handover of keys.

Whatever the circumstances, we recommend in all cases that you hand over the house keys only after you have received the first payment – in cash, if necessary.

Sublease contract & transfer protocol

Make sure to conclude a sublease contract and to write down the condition of the house and the furnishing in a transfer protocol.

We recommend that you make use of the UMS Online Contract tool in order to complete a legally binding sub-/lease contract. The tool allows you to easily create and conclude your sub-/lease contract online and it informs you as soon as you print a binding contract offer with a seeker that has not completely or successully passed the UMS Security check. We would be delighted to help you create your contract if required.

Liability & examination of the subtenants

When you sublet your apartment, you remain responsible towards your landlord for the apartment and the house rent. Your subtenant is only responsible towards you.

It is recommended to make sure that interested parties are able to meet financial obligations.

On the basis of its examination procedure, UMS verifies if possible the solvency of the seekers and enquires reference information at their employer. Depending on the results of the examination procedure, UMS either accepts or refuses a search mandate. Before concluding a sub-/lease contract, the housing space providers have the possibility to make enquiries about the results of the examination procedure.

Contact with the subtenant & confidential person

Please make sure that your subtenant can contact you during your absence within an appropriate time limit, furthermore inform a confidential person (relative or acquaintance) about the sublease contract and tell your subtenant whom he can contact if you are not available.

Rental deposit

Basically, you are free to demand a rental deposit (3 month's rent max.). The deposit, however, is strictly regulated by law. See Swiss Code of Obligations OR Article 257e (in german).

For our Security-Plus customers, there is no need for their tenants to pay a deposit since the UMS Insurance covers damages of the rental property and furniture as well as the loss of rental income (deductible: CHF 500.-).

If you ask for a deposit, please remember that a separate account bearing the name of the subtenant has to be opened for the deposit.

Links & PDF to the subject

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