Public transport

Switzerland has a very good range of public transport. Switzerland is very comfortable, clean and punctual. Almost 90% of the trains reach their destinations on time or three minutes late at the very most.

The railway network has a long tradition and is one of the densest networks in Europe with 120 m/km2. Postal buses are available in locations where trains do not run. In this manner, you can comfortably reach almost any destination via the public transport.

Traffic & transport


The public transport is used extensively. Each resident uses the train on an average of 50 times a year by train, covering a distance of 2'400 km (in comparison: Japan 71 rides / 2'000 km, Austria 26 rides / 1'250 km, Germany: 23 rides / 900 km).

Because of the topography of the country, Switzerland has gained worldwide reputation in tunnel & bridge construction. Overcoming the Alps by means of the Gotthard line more than 100 years ago is still regarded as a work of the century.

In 2008, an entire 12-km-stretch of the Rhaetian Railway (Canton of Graubünden) was selected as a World Heritage site and placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Normal single tickets for train, bus and boat are relatively expensive. However, those who use the public transport on a more regular basis can purchase very convenient discount subscriptions.

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