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Main language Info Levels
Zurich International School English 4 locations in Zurich, 1'300 students Pre, Elem, Mid, High

Inter-Community School (Zumikon)

English 800 students, intl. baccalaureate Pre, Elem, Mid, High
International School Zurich North (ISZN) English Offers IGCSE & A level classes Pre, Elem, Mid, High
Lycée Français de Zurich French 3 locations, nearly 700 students Pre, Elem, Mid, High
Japanische Schule in Uster Japanese German & English from 1st class Elem, Mid
SIS Swiss International School English - German 3 locations around Zurich Pre, Elem, Mid, High
Lakeside School English - German With cooperations till high school Pre, Elem (Mid, High)
Terra Nova Zweisprachige Schule English - German New incl. middle school, 2 locations Pre, Elem, Mid
TAZ Horgen Zweisprachige Schule English - German Zurich & British curriculum Pre, Elem
Polo scolastico italo-svizzero Italian - German Zurich & Italian curriculum Pre, Elem, Mid (High)

[PDF] List of International and Bilingual Schools in the Canton of Zurich

Bern Main language Info Levels
International School of Berne (Gümligen) English All 3 intl. baccalaureate Programs Pre, Elem, Mid, High
The British School Berne (Gümligen) English British & international curriculum Pre, Elem
Ecole Française de Berne French French & Swiss curriculum Pre, Elem, Mid
Basel Main language Info Levels
International School of Basel English 2 locations, all 3 baccalaureate progr. Pre, Elem, Mid, High
SIS Swiss International School English - German Swiss & British curriculum Pre, Elem, Mid, High
Ecole Française de Bâle French French curriculum, 160 students Creche, Pre, Elem
Geneva Main language Info Levels
International School of Geneva French or English Over 3000 students, various degrees Pre, Elem, Mid, High
Intl. College Lycée Ferney-Voltaire 6 languages Instruction in ge, en, it, sp, nl, se Pre, Elem, Mid, High
Collège du Léman French or English 2'000 stud., also with boarding school Pre, Elem, Mid, High
International Institute of Lancy French incl. English primary school dept. Pre, Elem, Mid, High
Institut Florimont French French or Swiss degree Pre, Elem, Mid, High
Deutsche Schule Genf (Vernier) Deutsch German Abitur (Reifeprüfung) Pre, Elem, Mid, High
Ecole Töpffer French French curriculum, 180 students Elem, Mid, High
Ecole Moser French - Engl - Ger Multilingual instruction Mid, High
Eden School - École Eden French Primary school for children between 3 and 12y.
Pre, Elem
Institut Notre-Dame du Lac French French curriculum Pre, Elem
Ecole Brechbühl French Family-run school, 200 students Pre, Elem
Geneva English School English British curriculum, 170 students Pre, Elem
L'Ecole en Musique French Swiss curriculum with violin/piano Pre, Elem
Other Western Switzerland
Main language Info Levels
Collège Champittet Nyon French Bilingual program french-english
Pre, Elem
Collège Champittet Pully/Lausanne French

Bilingual program french-english, swiss, french & international degrees

Pre, Elem, Mid, High

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