Because connections matter

Get connected to find your ideal home - meet your ideal subtenant

Faster because …

… thanks to our huge selection, you're almost sure to find your ideal property.
… our security check provides peace of mind.
… 80% of rental contracts are completed online within five days.
… we post your ad on Homegate, ImmoScout24 and similar sites.
… your advertisement appears in three languages, making it accessible to an international audience.
… creating an advertisement is so simple.
… 75% of those seeking a temporary home find a solution after no more than two viewings.


Cheaper because …

… 60% of those who advertise on our site ask only for their actual costs to be covered – you pay nothing for the furnishings.
… 30% of those who advertise on our site ask for less than their actual costs.
… we advertise your property on Homegate, ImmoScout24 and similar sites at our cost.
… you can avoid legal costs using our clever tools.


More secure because …

… we subject all apartment-seekers to a security check before completing the contract.
… we have more than 30 years of experience in temporary sublease.
… we support you before, during and after the sublet/rental period.
… you can create a legally valid contract with ease using our online contract tool.
… we can take care of rent collection on request and act on your behalf in the event of delays.
… your subtenant is automatically insured if you choose the Security-Plus package.
… your contact details are revealed only if you want to contact an interested party.
… we do all in our power to remove dubious offers from our site.