4 languages - and English

West Switzerland is French-speaking (20% of the population), while Italian (7%) is used in the South; a little Romansh is still spoken in the East, and more than 70% speak German. However, even when you understand German, you will hardly understand the Swiss - the regional dialects mostly differ quite strongly from High German.

But the Swiss are used to hearing and also speaking other languages, which is why English is understood by nearly everyone.

4 regions – one more beautiful than the other

Four languages & regionsThe language borders also determine the image and mentality of the regions.
You will find French charm, lovely vineyards, castles and the Lake of Geneva, which, like a sea, inspires the region with an atmosphere of holiday ambience.
The South is characterised by plenty of sunshine, palm trees, thriving trees & shrubs and by the spirited Italian life with its many amenities and fine fragrances.
In the mountain regions in the Alpine region, the profound and natural energy of nature can be felt, and since Switzerland is so small, the viewer is treated to a panorama of nearly the whole country.

The German-speaking North is characterized by small towns (there are only 6 cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants), villages and rural areas. In this region, Switzerland enjoys the reputation as a clean, tidy and "cute" country.