General Terms & Conditions

[PDF] General terms & Conditions UMS Ltd

Key points summary

Brokerage & service fee

The UMS brokerage & service fee is 20% of the gross rental payments over the duration of the rental contract including any renewals. Rental prices on the UMS portal include the brokerage & service fee.

Particularly attractive offers are highlighted by the following icons:

Win-Win-Win offers Win price - The landlord is renting out at his own cost (resp. at market price if he is an owner).
Sale - Promotional price offers Special price - The landlord is renting out below cost price (resp. below market price if he is an owner).

Obligation to notify UMS

You are required to inform us of any oral or written sub-/lease contracts - including renewals – concluded. The obligation to notify applies when a contract is concluded between a provider and a seeker who have been in contact via UMS and who have shared contact details or who have arranged a viewing on the UMS portal.