UMS Insurance

Security-Plus customers benefit from the tailored UMS insurance cover!

When you purchase the Security-Plus package you will benefit from the tailored insurance cover with Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.

Its cover extends to risks as follows:

  • Damage to the rental premises of up to CHF 5 million per event (in the case of damage caused by gross negligence the benefits paid out shall be limited to three monthly rents per lease contract)
  • Damage to movable rental property of up to a maximum of three months' rent per lease contract
  • Loss of rental income up to a maximum of three months' rent per lease contract

Your deductible is CHF 500 per event.

IMPORTANT: The UMS insurance policy does not cover any costs arising from poor final cleaning, since poor final cleaning does not actually constitute damage in terms of insurance.

No deposit required

The insurance offers almost the same security as a rental deposit, up to the deductible.

IMPORTANT: As every insurance, also the UMS insurance only covers damage that can be objectively verified. Consequently, conclude a sub-/lease contract at all events (ideally via the UMS Online Contract tool) and in addition keep a meaningful transfer-protocol when transferring the flat and taking over the flat.

Important requirements for the insurance validity

  • The signing of a sub-/lease contract or an extension of an existing sub-/lease contract was declared to UMS within 10 days of the subtenant moving in or within 10 days of the commencement of the extension.
  • The insurance cover shall commence upon the first rental payment and continue for the duration of the sub-/lease as declared to UMS. So, only hand over your property when you have actually received the (initial) payment or after you have received information from us that we have received the rent.
  • UMS insurance is a so-called subsidiary insurance. It is implemented if the sub-/tenant does not pay for damages himself or if the damages are not covered by an existing insurance.

IMPORTANT: We are not liable ourselves for damages caused by a sub-/tenant referred by us. Instead, we ensure within our Security-Plus package that sub-/tenants who were referred by us are covered by a liability insurance (either by their own insurance or by UMS insurance). Specifically, this means that in the event of damage you must first contact the sub-/tenant so that their insurance can cover the damages (we will of course help you with this). Only when the sub-/tenant's insurance does not provide coverage does the UMS insurance policy come into play.

For further details on UMS insurance, please read the General conditions of insurance.