First things first: subletting is allowed by law in Switzerland!

Subletting has been permitted as per Art. 262 of the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR) since 1990 and has proven to be very successful.

Subletting is almost always problem-free as long as the rental income only covers your costs. This applies to practically any length of contract as long as you have the intention of moving back into your apartment at a later date. Greater risks apply if you are subletting your apartment for profit or renting it out to tourists by the day.

Be smart: questions & answers


The three most common questions

How much rent can/should I demand?

Our recommendation: as much as you pay yourself, including utilities, without surcharge for furnishings.

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What happens if I ask too much?

The landlord may terminate the contract and demand repayment of all the profit retroactively.

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Do I have to inform my landlord?

Yes, it’s a good idea to send your landlord a copy of the sub-lease contract.

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Questions about rental law

For how long can I sub-let my apartment?

For any length of time, as long as you have the intention of returning.

What do I do if the sub-tenant falls into arrears?

Set a payment deadline and threaten termination.

Legal requirements in case of termination

Always use the official form.

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Questions about bureaucratic issues

Am I liable for tax on income from the rental payments?

No, as long as you don't make a profit.

Do I have to register my sub-tenant with the municipality?

Yes and no: there are some municipalities where you have to register your sub-tenant and some where you do not (see graphic).

Do I have to pay a tourist tax or similar?

If your sub-tenant is registered with the municipality, you do not have to pay a tourist tax; otherwise, you do.

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Questions about press reports

I read in the newspaper that hoteliers and landlords bring cases against people who rent out their apartments privately. Is that true?

Yes, that does happen. But it does not affect you as a provider through UMS; those cases refer to private individuals who rent their apartments by the day to tourists to make a profit.

Is Switzerland a country of fraudulent tenants?

No, almost all tenants who sub-let their apartments behave impeccably – there are just a few bad apples.

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Difference between letting via UMS and Airbnb or Booking

What is the difference between sub-leasing with UMS and Airbnb?

The main difference is that with UMS, you rent out your apartment at a price that covers only your costs; you therefore will not encounter any issues with your building management, owner or tax authority.

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